Dirt Digger Bundle

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For the one who adores dirt under their nails:
* GARDEN SOAP. Handmade with skin-nourishing ingredients by our friends in Idaho
* NAIL BRUSH. Made from oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this firm nail brush is hands-down the best nail brush my garden-dirty nails have ever encountered.
* HORI HORI GARDEN TOOL. Quality walnut handle and tempered steel blade mean this tool is built to last. Digging, trenching, planting, cutting, and even popping the top off your choice of a refreshing beverage, this is your new favorite garden tool.
* VEGETABLE BRUSH. Made from long-lasting oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this vegetable brush is perfect for scrubbing your garden-fresh eats.
* PRUNERS. Searching for beautiful and burly pruners for your foraging and gardening adventures? We got your back.