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Gardening Gift Bundle - downloadable PDF, nail brush, vegetable brush, salve
$ 32.00

Gardener Bundle




For the one with dirt under their nails:

* Optional, for beginning gardeners: My beginner guide to gardening! It's a digital PDF, email series delivered to your inbox.

Do you dream about growing a garden, whether it’s part of your backyard or in containers on your fire escape, but don’t know where to start?  Do you research gardening online and feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of information out there?Do you want a simple, fun and straightforward approach to gardening at home so that you can dive in right now?  That’s why I wrote this guide! It’s part heart, part 20 years of digging, experimenting, and planting and harvesting.

* Gardener's Nail Brush (made in Germany)

Made from oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this firm nail brush is hands-down the best nail brush my garden-dirty nail have ever encountered.

* Rosehip + Calendula Salve OR Muscle + Joint Salve (made in Idaho)

Skin gets dry in Montana. We discovered this rad stuff last summer when I bought some to try on my daughter. She had these red, dry patches on her nose that wouldn't quit! Well, until this salve! It is a magical healing elixir. 

* Vegetable Brush (made in Germany)

Made from long lasting oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this vegetable brush is perfect for scrubbing your garden fresh eats. 

All tucked in a little muslin bag.