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Beeswaxy Reusable Bread Wrap
Bees wax Reusable Bread Wrap
Beeswaxy Reusable Bread Wrap
Beeswaxy Reusable Bread Wrap
$ 15.00

Beeswaxy Reusable Bread Wrap

4 reviews

One of the best inventions since sliced bread...to hold your sliced bread! 

Dreamed up by a mama in Vermont, this sustainable food wrap is made from organic cotton that is infused with beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. The magical result is a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap.

We love everything about this genius kitchen tool: reduces waste (use for a year, which also makes it crazy affordable), is darling and works as good as or better than any other way one might store bread.

Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. At room temperature, the wrap holds its shape beautifully.

This size is also perfect for covering a pie, baking dish or large bowl.

Important details.

  • 17x23"
  • Reusable. Wash in cool water.
  • Made from organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. The beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial qualities that help to keep your food fresh and allow you to use the wrap again and again.
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DIG + CO. Beeswaxy Reusable Bread Wrap ReviewDIG + CO. Beeswaxy Reusable Bread Wrap Review
04 February 2021

This busy bee loves beeswaxy wrap

I have been wanting to get some of this for a while. Can't believe I waited so long! This stuff is great. (I've already ordered another sheet of it.) I love wrapping a fresh baked loaf of bread in this wrap, it keeps it fresh on the counter for soooo long, no searching for old bread bags or a twist tied. I also like using it for putting over the top of my bowl when I'm proofing my dough. And, for numerous other things. My kids keep asking me for other sizes that they can use in their lunch.

Molly B.
United States United States
04 January 2021

Love Wrapping without Plastic!

Loving my news wrap... still getting the hang of using it, and really want a few more pieces of different sizes... already a hit on our loaves of baked breads.

Molly B.
United States United States
02 January 2021

loved the products!

Everyone in the family loved the unique products from Dig + Co. We also love that the company’s packaging is eco-friendly and they are supporting small businesses and artisans.

Annette R.
United States United States
07 September 2020

Love this sustainable option!

A great alternative to plastic! My only issue is how to properly clean it. It can feel a bit “crumby” and cold water doesn’t always help. But it doesn’t necessarily have to. Love also using this to cover leftovers in the fridge. It really holds out odors and has its own pleasant scent that does not affect the food it contacts.

Alison S.
United States United States