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earlywood flat sauté set
earlywood flat sauté set
flat sauté set
earlywood flat sauté set
earlywood flat sauté set
$ 39.00

flat sauté set

13 reviews


We love our Earlywood kitchen tools! Everyone does. In fact our sweet collection of heirloom wooden utensils is one of the most-frequently asked about items in our home. Add one of our handmade dish linens and you've just won THE prize for world's best gift ever.

Hands down, the flat sauté is our go to tool. We usually use at least two for every meal. The shape allows the tool to slide down the side a pot, making it absolutely perfect for stirring a pot of soup, mac n' cheese, younameit. Also great to serve up just about anything.

Fellow bread bakers: this the the best for getting loaves outta hot pans *and* propping them up to cool.

Fellow canners: this is your absolute favorite tool ever! Imagine a big pot of tomatoes or apples or jam with the large sauté by your side. Yesssss.

Earlywood founder and craftsman, Brad, is an artist and engineer, which makes perfect sense when you hold one of his exquisitely-crafted tools in your hand. You can't help but make wonderful, nourishing meals! 


100% made in Montana, USA


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30 September 2020

Love the flat saute set!

The flat saute set has become an instant popular go to in my kitchen. Even my 3 boys at home at the moment are using them over our other spatulas. They get the job done, and clean up easily. Using a natural wood product is always preferred, and I love that they are made in Montana. We are very pleased to have to have them in our kitchen!

Julie S.
United States United States
15 September 2020

Had to buy more!

Love the flat sauté set so much. I had to buy more because mine keep walking out the door with my children. I got myself another set and both my boys sets for Christmas. I don’t even use my wooden spoons anymore. These are perfect for everything.

Lori N.
United States United States
15 September 2020

Haven’t tried them

They are beautiful but I haven’t used them. They are a gift for my son’s Niovember b'day

Suzanne D.
United States United States
15 September 2020

Love these!

I am obsessed with this sauté set! I use them almost every day, highly recommend!

Jill t.
United States United States
21 June 2020

Flat sauté set

The BEST!!!

Emily K.
United States United States
09 June 2020

Take this Class!

This course was wonderful! After a week of building a starter and a couple of days of troubleshooting with Nici, I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to make bread. In her guide, she says to trust that you will make bread. Well, you will. make. bread. And it will be delicious and beautiful. The online course was well ran and supportive to answering questions. Something you can do with your whole family in the comfort of your home. Would highly recommend!

Erin K.
United States United States
26 May 2020

The Tool You Didn't Know That You Needed

I bought these after watching Nici use them in her bread baking class (take this class it too is amazing) to scrape dough away from her bowl and to mix ingredients. They are beautiful, and we love using them in place of a rubber spatula. My next set that I purchase will be gifted to friends and family.

United States United States
24 April 2020

Beautiful Set

These just arrived today and I can't wait to use them! They are absolutely gorgeous to look at and they feel great in my hands. I am positive these will be treasured in my kitchen for years to come. Thank you Nici for making these wonderful products available through your site. I love to buy from small companies and this one is great!

United States United States
03 February 2020

earlywood spatulas

So great - I've used them for everything since they came in the mail, marmelade, scooping dog food out of the can, various dinners - I'm a big fan!

Annmarie M.
United States United States
20 January 2020

Awesome tools!

I use these every day. They’ve replaced several other tools in my kitchen. They’re the perfect kitchen tool and make a great gift.

Emily H.
United States United States
03 January 2020

Great Christmas Present

I gave these to my aunt as a present for Christmas and she loved them! Now I want a set for myself. :)

Madelyn R.
United States United States
06 May 2018

most used kitchen tool

perfect for all of your cooking needs. I literally use at least one (but often more) prepping most meals. Also the perfect go-to quick gift (especially wedding gift).

Kristen S.
Asheville, NC
13 May 2016

my go-to gift!

We LOVE our trifecta and give it regularly as a gift. Add in a dig towel and it's perfect!