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Hand Carved Kitchen Spoon
Hand Carved Kitchen Spoon
$ 29.00

Hand Carved Kitchen Spoon


An elegant handle and perfect scoop nook for serving up joy in the kitchen. Hand carved from walnut.
material: walnut
size: roughly 13" x 1.75"
made in Montana
From the maker, Valley House Woodworking:
I source my raw materials with intention and responsibility. I use a local wood supplier for the majority of the hardwood that is in my shop. Occasionally, I will get pieces of wood from local arborists and off-cuts from furniture makers in town. I make an effort to use every piece of wood that I am given or that I purchase because I believe that each scrap of wood deserves a fair shake. Some trees take centuries to grow; taking a few extra minutes here and there to sort and store each scrap until it has the perfect place seems respectful.