A childen's dice game, pocket knife, temporary tattoo booklet, and coloring book are spread out on a wood surface. A hand rests in the bottom right corner.
The "Hello Nature" coloring book, "Tatouage" temporary tattoo booklet, "Magic & Fairy-Tale Dice." "Spark Adventure," and a pink and purple pocket knife are neatly displayed on a wooden surface.
$ 83.00

Bored Kid Bundle



My 11 year-old daughter Ruby had an idea to put together a collection of her favorites to save all those Bored Kids.

It's all packed up in a muslin bag.

Her picks:

Spark Magic, Spark Kindness, or Spark  Adventure (your choice):

A darling box of 50 faux match sticks that prompt curiosity, love, and inspiration.

Junior Adventure Knife: 

A great knife for scouts, young adventurers and campers. Its blunted tip helps improve safety around young children and it is a snap to use

Magic & Fairy Tale Dice:

Revive the art of storytelling using these nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice to create the most imaginative, funny and bizarre stories.

108 Temporary Tattoos:

Adorn your skin with these beautiful tattoos inspired by the animal kingdom. With over 100 designs, from birds, beetles and butterflies to seahorses and ladybirds, Tatouage: Wild also includes 21 art-print keepsakes.