beginning gardening PDF guide
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beginning gardening PDF guide

Do you dream about growing a garden, whether it’s part of your backyard or in containers on your fire escape, but don’t know where to start?

Do you research gardening online and get overwhelmed by the huge amount of information out there?

Do you want a simple, fun, and straightforward approach to gardening at home so that you can dive in right now?

That’s why I wrote this guide! It’s part heart, part 20 years of digging, experimenting, and planting, and harvesting!

It includes much of the knowledge I've gathered in my experience as well as answers to workshop participants' questions. It turned out to be great resource (one I wish I'd had when starting out!) and I'm offering it up to you here. :)

At 17 pages, it's designed to be simple, straightforward and packed with useful information, including links to dig deeper and learn more. I promise you: Less overwhelm and more satisfaction. Less frustration and more success. Less work and more harvest.

It includes everything you need to for a grand adventure -- planning, growing, maintenance, troubleshooting. Also includes a page dedicated to gardening with kids as well as a garden planning grid and printable worksheet to track your seed sowing (year after year), transplanting and harvest.

This is a digital PDF download that will land in your inbox shortly after purchase! There are many embedded links within the PDF but you might also choose to print it out. 


* Planning. For your garden zone, sunlight requirements, soil prep, fencing.

* Growing. What to grow and where, succession planting, companion planting. 

* Maintenance. Watering, thinning, pest and disease troubleshooting and treatment, fertilizer and nutrient requirements.


* my favorite garden tools

* tips for how to garden with kids

* printable garden planning grid and planting worksheet 


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