Kiss the Cook Bundle

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A cook's dream gift set: an elegant tasting spoon, beautiful and functional reference guide, the world's best spice blend, and a linen dishtowel. See details on contents below.

* Handmade wooden tasting spoon 

This spoon is long and lean making it perfect for stirring lemonade in a deep pitcher, getting the last bits out of the peanut butter jar, fishing tea bags from the bottom of a thermos, helping smoothies into a glass and, as the name implies, tasting food straight from the pot. Size: 13 x 1.3 x .3".

* 100% linen dish towel 
* Camp Director's Herb + Spice Blend 

Made by my mom! A culinary elixir, this is our go-to seasoning. 

* The Kitchen: A Reference Guide 

A handy kitchen chart, using broad strokes to answer some of the most referential questions you might have in the kitchen. 11.5x17” / unframed.