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green clean / gift bundle
copper cleaning cloth
green clean / gift bundle
green clean / gift bundle
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green clean / gift bundle



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Get groovy with sustainable, beautiful, functional kitchen cleaning products! These are all our favorites.


* Stainless Steel Cleaning Mesh. 

Care for your cast iron with this gentle but effective cleaning tool that won’t scratch or scar your cookware. Built to last through years of frequent use, the Stainless Steel Cleaning Mesh removes cooked on foods, sauces, syrups and gravies with ease, returning your cast iron pieces to their natural beauty. Use with glass, porcelain, steel, copper and aluminum cookware, as well.

* Nail Brush.

Made from oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this firm nail brush is hands-down the best nail brush my garden-dirty nail have ever encountered (as evidences by my clean nails in the photo!). I especially love the grooves on the sides that make for an easy grip. 

* Vegetable Brush.

Made from long lasting oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this vegetable brush is perfect for scrubbing your garden fresh eats. Made in Germany. Brush is 5 1/2" long. Two bristle options in one brush: Features a soft side for delicate vegetables and a stiffer side for hard root crops. Handle is ergonomic; super easy to hold and use.

* Copper Cleaning Clothes (set of 2)

Made with fine copper threads, this copper cloth gently and thoroughly removes persistent gunk without scratching! It's magic.

* Swedish Dish Cloths (set of 3)

These biodegradable, washable dish cloths are a favorite around out home! Super absorbent, high efficient, quick drying. Last a long time and then biodegrade. Buh bye funky sponge. Sayonara paper towels.