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reversible bib
$ 13.00

reversible bib

I learned a lot, quickly when I was a new mom. One being: Invest in well-made, durable goods that will endure being thrown, spit up on and many washings. Things like bibs are not all created equal.

This sweet bib was made to be used well and remain as darling as your little pea.

We couldn't find a bib we loved so we made one ourselves. It is made from two soft, durable, absorbent layers of french terry cotton fabric. One side is heather denim, one side beeswax gingham.

Add an Earlywood toddler spoon for $16.

  • 100% made in Montana, USA
  • Spoon is made from jatoba wood and is intended for kids 6 mos and older.
  • Bib is 100% cotton.