A copper cleaning cloth in a cast iron pan
Two copper cleaning cloths on a gray surface
$ 12.00

Copper Cleaning Cloths

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Hands down our very favorite cleaning tool. Pair this buddy with Bon Ami and nothing can stop you from cleaning up all that funk.

Made with fine copper threads, this copper cloth gently and thoroughly removes persistent gunk without scratching! It's magic.

It's durable (2-ply) and scrubs away caked-on egg, dried chili, crusty oatmeal, younameit. And, it is safe to use on all surfaces. I put it to the test for a month before listing here, just to be sure. I sincerely love these cloths!

It is ideal for steel, glass, ceramic, porcelain, enamel, and cast iron. You can also put it to work removing layers of rust from bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. 

Do not use on non-stick cooking pans.

Pack of 2 cloths.

Made in The Netherlands.

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20 September 2022

My favorite cleaning tool

I use these in the bathroom AND the kitchen. My go to tool for cleaning stubborn burnt on food and bathroom ****.

Kerri L.
United States
31 August 2022

I wish I had these sooner!

These cloths make it so easy to clean tubs, sinks, shower doors, pots, pans. These were a great price too.

Eva D.
United States United States
06 June 2022

Copper cleaning clothes

These are the best cloths. They got off stubborn soap residue from my shower! Glad I bought 2 packs…just might share with my daughter! Thank you!!

Angie P.
United States United States
09 May 2022

Great on hard water residue

I've tried so many things to remove the unsightly hard water residue in my shower. Nothing really worked until these copper cleaning cloths. I pair them with Bar Keeper's Friend scrub. Hooray!

Rhett P.
United States United States
13 April 2022

Copper Cleaning Cloths

Love these cloths! They scrub everything up so well!

Stacey H.
United States United States
08 April 2022

Works perfectly

The copper cleaning cloths have changed my cleaning game. I’ve already used them to clean our tub, shower head and kitchen sink. Super easy to use and the results are so good. I have not been disappointed by a single thing I’ve bought from Dig and Co. Highly recommend these.

United States United States
11 March 2022

Amazing cleaning cloth

I’m always dubious about trying new cleaning products. But I trust Nici, and I love the sustainability and durability of this copper cleaning cloth. I cleaned my children’s soap-**** ridden bathtub and the cloth made it so easy to clean! I had so much fun (!) that I scrubbed their bathroom floor with the copper cloth as well. Great product! Highly recommend! Thank you, Nici, again, for giving us good quality products for our homes.

Heather S.
United States United States
09 March 2022

Great green cleans addition

These things have transformed our sinks, pans, ovens, etc! I never knew about them until D&Co advertised them, so I’m grateful for these jazzy things!

Sarah W.
United States United States
DIG + CO. Copper Cleaning Cloths ReviewDIG + CO. Copper Cleaning Cloths Review
27 February 2022

copper cloths

been using the copper cloths for a month ish now. to shiny-scrub our pots and pans at the kitchen sink. no more need for the soap soaked steel wool that falls apart after only a few uses. rolls or folds up perfectly for tidy keeping in our itty bitty scrubby holder. thanks

Sonja S.
United States United States
22 February 2022

Great cleaning tool!

Excellent cleaner for cast iron, fine china, glassware, burnt popcorn on aluminum pots.

Alice L.
United States United States
20 February 2022


Love these!

Jill t.
United States United States
17 February 2022

I like it!

Can't go wrong with this copper cleaning cloth.

Gena T.
United States United States
17 February 2022

copper cleaning cloths

i bought these for my oven cleaning process. they were great! i have also used them on my stainless steel sink and pots and pans, all great results. Thanks for letting me know these cloths exist!!

Tamara B.
United States United States
15 February 2022

Love the scrubbing, but how to clean?

I am using the copper cloth for all of my cast iron cleaning and a few other baking pans too. I like the cleaning action and the fact that this could be reusable. But I am struggling with how to clean it. It is laden with grease! I have tried soaking it in dish soap (the tough kind, Dawn) and now just washed it in the washing machine. Still greasy. Am I expecting too much? Thank you.

Jennifer K.
United States United States
18 February 2022


We recommend the stainless steel mesh for greasy cast iron jobs! :)

09 February 2022

I saved a pan!

My favorite pan had something sticky burnt on it and I was about to throw it away. I remembered I had just gotten some copper cleaning cloths. I used them and some Bon Ami and a little elbow grease and I have my favorite pan back! I just made scrambled eggs and nothing stuck to it! Thanks Nici and crew for selling such quality items! I’ll make sure to keep them on hand!

United States United States
08 February 2022

Copper clothes are awesome

They are much better than what I was using before! Love them!

megan R.
United States United States
06 February 2022

Cleaning workhorse

I run Airbnbs and this is what I've been looking for. The shower and bathroom floor have never been so clean. Highly recommend.

Jennifer S.
United States United States
05 February 2022

Happy User!

It got the job done!! Very handy cleaning tool!!

Shelley Y.
United States United States
01 February 2022

Cleaning made easier

I used this copper cloth to clean a fiberglass bathtub. It has never been so clean.

Karlene D.
United States United States
01 February 2022

Freakin' LOVE my Copper Cleaning Cloth

I bought my first copper cleaning cloth from Dig about a year ago to bring camping. It moved straight into our kitchen and then I started using it everywhere until I wore it out. I have to admit that I got lazy and bought what I thought was a similar product at a local chain store. NEVER again! I ended up buying 3 sets this time b/c I adore these so much- 1 to give away, 2 to keep- 1 for our camp kit and 1 for the house. FAR superior, don't be fooled by the other look a likes out there! :)

Steve P.
United States United States