Face Oil
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Face Oil


Your face will love the blend of apricot kernel, hemp, jojoba, tamanu, and rosehip seed. Loaded with fatty acids and nourishing properties, all of these oils are light yet potent.
Used to traditionally soften scars and irritated skin, tamanu oil has the ability to be thick and light all at once. Jojoba oil (which is technically a wax) has properties which mirror our own skin’s friend, its sebum, so your skin takes it on like one of its own and it absorbs right in. Rosehip seed oil is a straight up powerhouse. Packed with vitamins A, fatty acids, and vitamin E, it supports the thing your skin does best: repair. The apricot kernel oil is infused with calendula and burdock for even more botanical support, helping your bod to help build itself right. Hemp seed oil is like a raw kale salad for your face. Rich with protein and omegas, hemp oil serves up the ultimate bite to your skin. Argan oil is hecka high in the nourishing goodness that is Vit E.
2 oz. One squirt is all you need; this bottle will last ya.