Cloud Spotter card set placed on a gray background
The cumulus cloud displayed from the cloud spotter card deck.
Watercolor illustrations on the back of the cards from the cloud spotter deck displayed on a gray surface.
$ 15.00


Cloud Spotter Cards



Ah, the ever-changing beauty to behold in the cloudscape! With this lovely deck, pause and enjoy this mindful challenge of studying and learning all about clouds. From cirrostratus to cumulonimbus, this deck has your sky-gazing back.
An inspirational gift for those who want to stay connected with nature and find some headspace in a busy world

  • 30 illustrated cards
  • An altitude map poster and introduction to cloud spotting
  • Learn the difference between common cloud types and find out more about their formation and what they may mean for the day ahead.
  • The author, Gavin Pretor-Pinney founded the Cloud Appreciation Society and is an established author on cloud spotting.
  • Illustrator: Marcel George