Rosehip & Calendula Salve
Rosehip & Calendula Salve
$ 14.00

Rosehip & Calendula Salve



Skin gets dry in Montana. We discovered this rad stuff last summer when I bought some to try on my daughter. She had these red, dry patches on her nose that wouldn't quit! Well, until this salve! It is a magical healing elixir

We now keep a tin by the kitchen sink and one in the bathroom. It's the best!

Ingredients: beeswax, organic calendula-infused olive oil, rosehip oil, vanilla, lavender, essential oil
  • 2 oz
  • 100% made in Idaho, USA

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Amazing Stuff.

My son has had this very irritated patch of skin on his face all winter/spring long. Bought some of this and within a week it is almost healed!! Smells divine too. Bought some for my mom for mother's day for her "gardener hands" and she loves it as well.

Angelika S.
United States United States

So moisturizing!

I started using this salve on a big infected scratch from rusty wire I had on the back of my hand. My hands have been hairdresser hands for 24 years and momma hands for 20 years. They look older than they are from all the soaps Ive used over the years. I started rubbing the salve on my hand for the cut but I noticed they are looking less leathery! I now use is daily on the back of my hands and I LOVE the results! I have had the same salve since February, its May and I am about half way through it. A little goes a looonnng way.

Carla Squires

The Best!

Love this salve. Smells fantastic and has done wonders for my over-washed spring garden hands.

Meghan E.
United States

Super product!!

Several members of our family struggle with extremely dry skin and eczema. I am always looking for new products to try. This was a winner!! It cleared up the dry patches my kiddos get and really helped my dry hands. It smells AMAZING and doesn't leave a greasy film on your skin. I will definitely be reordering!!

Molli R.
United States


bought a couple of these salves and they are amazing! The smell is sooo good, heals chapped skin and keeps it soft, and doesn't leave your hands overly greasy. simply delightful.

Brittany B.
United States


I ordered this calendula and rosehip ointment and it healed a horrible rash/eczema I've been battling for almost two years. thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

heart box studio

How did I live before this salve?!

I clean for a living in Montana (dry climate) and my poor hands routinely get dry and chapped. I was lotion-ing like crazy and still my hands were in tough shape. Then I tried this salve and it is a lifesaver! Leaves my hands soft, smooth, smelling amazing. A little bit goes a long way, the repair lasts, and best of all, doesn’t leave my hands greasy! Super love this salve!

Jen C.
Missoula, MT

Rockin' Rosehip + Calendula

I have long suffered from eczema and dry skin, but this winter (in Maine) was especially harsh on my skin, I also went through surgical menopause a few years ago, and my skin has changed tremendously. My eczema started appearing on my arms and legs so fiercely that I thought I had shingles. With the support of my PC, we reduced the inflammation, but the spots and patches took longer to heal. I ordered the Rosehip & Calendula salve, hoping it would calm my skin, and it did! It has been SO soothing! It's helped with the itch that comes with dry skin, smells delicious, and I truly use but a dab of the salve twice a day. Many of my more recent patches have disappeared too! I'm only a few months in with this product, and still have 3/4 of a tin remaining. I will definitely be reordering!

Portland, Maine
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