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chef kit
chef kit
chef kit
chef kit
chef kit

For the one whose guests always gather in the kitchen.

For the one whose culinary aroma attracts neighbors.

For the one who finds immense joy in turning "nothing in the pantry" into a fabulous dinner.

For the one who like functional, beautiful tools to get the job done well.

This Chef Kit holds three pieces guaranteed to get two green thumbs up:

  1. A 100% linen dish towel with a handcut and machine stitched sweetheart of a beet.
  2. The Trifecta: a bestelling combo of your favorite three kitchen tools. 
  3. Lemon essential oil. A 15ml bottle that smells like summer. One of our favorite oils, lemon is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and great-smelling. Our favorite, every-day use: a drop in every water bottle. 
  4. My mama's extra special Camp Director's Herb + Spice blend. The only seasoning you'll ever need. A hefty 2.5 ounce bag.
  5. Handcrafted brass + steel scissors


  • All appliqué fabrics on apron are cut from designer knit fabrics; they will not fray. The outline will soften but the shape will remain crisp and in tact.
  • Towel constructed in Lithuania / embellished in Missoula, MT; kitchen tools handmade Red Lodge, MT; Camp Director's Herb + Spice Blend made in Minnesota; Scissors made in India.
  • Essential oil is 100% therapeutic grade by Young Living. Comes with an brief guide that we wrote for how we like to use lemon oil to improve heath and wellness in your home.