kangaroo pillow | winter edition
kangaroo pillow | winter edition
kangaroo pillow | winter edition
$ 29.00

$ 35.00

kangaroo pillow | winter edition

Perfect for sleepaways, road trips, camping, airplanes or just stashing Halloween candy in the top bunk.

We've long held on to the Camp Blanket fabric scraps, waiting for the perfect use. Behold: the Kangaroo Pillow! 

Inspired by pillows my mom made my kids years ago, these are made from super (super!) soft flannel with a generously sized pocket made to hold books, journal, pencils, headlamp, your favorite stuffie (Ruby shown here with Giraffey) or any special treasures. The pillow form inside is firm and will retain shape well.

Do you want to purchase your own pillow form? No sweat! Simply purchase the "Pillow Case Only" ($29).


  • 100% made in Montana, USA
  • Case has an envelope-style back and can easily be washed
  • 100% cotton case, 100% polyester pillow form
  • 16x16"

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