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montana mittens
montana mittens
montana mittens
montana mittens
$ 85.00

montana mittens

In the winter, it's important to have warm, dry paws. Other important things: 

  • Beauty. To love looking at the essential accessory that you will don for many months.
  • Function. The ability to zip zippers, hold a mug, pick up dropped keys...in other words, to be warm without the bulk, to be able to operate your digits. 
  • Durability. What good are mittens that last 1/2 a season and bust apart when you need them most? No good, No good at all.
  • Fit. No gapping around the wrist to let snow in, no extra room that create cold pockets.
We live in Montana and know a perfect mitten when we see one. 

Enter the Montana Mittens. 

Handmade by our good friend Jen at Piper & Paisley, these stunning and supremely comfortable mittens are made to keep up on the sledding hill and beyond: constructed with jolly stripedy Pendleton wool and curry yellow lambskin, lined with bright red mirco fleece. Oh, and our favorite runny nose detail: the thumb is made with scuba Neoprene.

These mittens are slim fitting. The interior fits snugly against your hand, creating a snuggly little five-fingered paradise. 

Important details.

  • 100% made in Montana, USA
  • Materials: 100% Umatilla Virgin Wool woven flannel shirting from Pendleton - reinforced with knit interfacing for durability and warmth / distressed, semi-gloss yellow lambskin, ~1mm thick.
  • The Thumb: 95% Poly 5% Spandex scuba Neoprene
  • Micro fleece lining, elastic cuff to keep out wind and snow.
  • Neoprene wipe on outer thumb.
  • Double stitched thumb for seam strength.
  • Tiny side release clip so you don't end up with just one mitten.

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