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Citrus Soap Orbs / set of 3
Citrus Soap Orbs / set of 3
$ 12.00

Citrus Soap Orbs / set of 3

Many years ago I met Kate at a craft fair. She sold soap. I loved her soap because it was perfectly, naturally scented and beautiful. I bought some. And then loved it even more because it lasts and holds shape (you know those cheap buddies (that seeeeem like a good deal) that turn into mush and vaporize when wet? yeah, NOT this.)

With this purchase you get three rustic, irregularly shaped soap orbs that weigh approximately 3.5 oz each. The smell is a lovely, natural citrus -- scented by essential oils. This listing is for a set of three; about 10-12 oz. total (what a deal!).

I love the soap globes because they:

  1. look beautiful in a dish
  2. are fun to hold
  3. last like 3x longer than any other soap (that's not a scientific declaration; it just feels that way...they last a long time!)
  4. are a fabulous shape that prevents the wet, mushy bottom we all know
  5. use up all the leftover bits from soap-making!

win win win


  • 100% made in Idaho, USA
  • Materials: organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, olive oil, essential oils, botanical, or mineral colorants