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Summer Solstice Blanket
Summer Solstice Blanket
Summer Solstice Blanket
Summer Solstice Blanket
$ 185.00

Summer Solstice Blanket

Our best-selling Camp Blanket with breezy summer style. Constructed from two layers of sunny, woven-textured fabrics and finished with an extra-wide, handmade linen binding.

This blanket is slightly longer than the Camp Blanket and slightly more delicate too. Purchased locally in Missoula, Montana these materials are incredibly soft. Each side is different: both designs inspired by the ornately loomed, geometric textiles of past. One side is chartreuse with orange and turquoise elements, the other side is bubblegum pink with purple, fuchsia, mustard yellow and turquoise elements. The binding is a bright blue linen-cotton blend which adds a delicious weight to the blanket. 

My criteria in making the perfect blanket:

  1. Beautiful to look at and touch. Gets better with age.
  2. Big enough to warm a grown-up or two kids; small enough for a four year-old to navigate.
  3. Not too precious; can withstand the mud and peanut butter of our days.
  4. Machine washable.
  5. Unbulky; easily packable in a backpack, car, picnic basket.
  6. Heirloom quality; will last for generations.

Important details.

  • 46 x 66" 
  • 100% made in Montana, USA