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Posted by Nici Holt Cline on

It’s Earth Day today and maybe you’re like me and want to do more than we’re already doing and not feel shamed/paralyzed by what ELSE we should be doing. Or maybe you’re like me and lay in bed sweating about the warming earth and the fact that our children are inheriting a giant problem we don’t seem to do much about. Or maybe you’re like me and ponder the weird reality that environmental stewardship has somehow become elitist, leftist and exclusive. Or maybe you’re like me and have moments of what the heck can I REALLY do for this planet when everything in every aisle everywhere (and at checkout) is plastic.

Hey. Let’s do things! Let’s talk about it. Let’s start in the place that feels good and doable and appreciate the heck out of the reality that our small efforts on the homefront make a difference. Let’s learn. Let’s care a lot.

Starting Monday, April 22 (today!) we’re kicking off HONOR THE MOTHER week at DIG+CO.& dig this chick.


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