Facility Rental

DIG + CO(creating) / DIG + CO(working) / DIG + CO(mmunity)


DIG+CO. / 2203 S. Higgins Ave, Missoula, Montana

Email nici@digthischick.net to inquire and book.


Hourly or Daily Rental

$25/hour or $100/day

Our bright, quiet, and open shop is perfect for a small gathering. A few ways the space has been used: A group of 20 used it for a supper club meeting. A bookkeeper rented it for her 6-person staff meeting. Other appropriate applications include teaching yoga, hosting a workshop or meeting, book signing, art class...you name it! Included: use of several tables in varying sizes and 20 chairs. Access to small breakroom with microwave, mini fridge, and sink. Bathroom on same level.

Monthly Rental

$150-$400 depending on space and use.

Looking for a maker space or office space? Craving a small, affordable storefront for your handmades or homegrowns? Need to get your laptop away from your dining room table or your sewing work outta your basement? Want a quiet, bright spot to meet with a client or colleague or creative? Or a place to store inventory?

We got you. And need you to help us dream it up.

We bought this mid-century hair salon two years ago and have had time to settle in and shift things up. I have realized that I don’t need all this space and, in fact, this space is craving additional energy. I am open to what takes shape. The office would make a rad space for a tattoo artist or hair stylist. Could arrange a series of tables to hold laptops. Can imagine one corner being an artist studio. Can picture another corner serving as a semi-permanent pop up shop for a maker or farmer.

All utilities included. Flexible on terms. We have a bathroom and kitchen. Parking is a breeze.