wild fermentation workshop

Join Functional Nutritionist Jill Demers and Dig founder Nici Holt Cline to learn a valuable life skill in this hands-on workshop.

October 27, 2024

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Founded in 2007, DIG was built on honest-to-goodness adventure, creativity, and community. It started with a blog and a new mom looking for a way out of the grind. For 14 years we worked magic out of our home single-car garage, and in 2021 we moved on out into a midcentury hair salon that we are (slowly) renovating it into a community-centric haven that holds tools and goods that support your adventures in the garden, about the kitchen, and at the campsite.

HEADS UP: we are 99% online retail and do not hold regular shop hours. However we are there daily and if we are, you are welcome to pop in.

We host workshops, live music, book readings, art shows, maker pop ups and whatever else you help us dream up. Local and want to stay in the loop? HERE ya go.

Our brick and mortar is @ 2203 S Higgins, Missoula, Mont.

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Made to accompany our 5-star online bread baking workshop, this digital guidebook offers a straightforward approach to making artisan bread in your home kitchen. It has everyting you need to get started!

vegetable gardening

Simple, straightforward, and packed with useful information. This digital guidebook combines Nici Holt Cline’s 25 years of vegetable gardening experience with her passion for teaching others how to grow food.

Let's Go Camping

This digital guidebook includes info on gear and basic camping skills. Filled with tips, activities, games, recipes and more, it is divided into easy-to-navigate sections that will get you and your kin into the woods and under the stars.

canning food

Students receive a guidebook + video that walks them through every single step of canning applesauce using a boiling water bath. Learn the basics, and then you sill safely can salsas, sauces, pickles and more!

jane goodall

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

montana, usa | est. 2007

Based in the mountains of western Montana, DIG+CO. nurtures connection and adventure. We champion makers committed to high craft and celebrate artful objects that invoke ritual. Here, you can count on things made to be used earnestly, and to last a long long time.

Dig cherishes community, values the planet, and wants to teach everyone how to make jam. Happy you're here.