Fermentation 101 Digital Guidebook

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We developed this guidebook to support the Wild Fermentation Workshop taught by functional nutritionist Jill Demers. It turned out so dang awesome we decided to offer the guidebook all by itself so you could do a self-guided deep dive into the world of lacto-fermentation! Jill is an actual wealth of information on the subject and breaks it down into bite-sized bits developing an ease in understanding and confidence in replicating the process she teaches. 

Fermentation is simple, kitchen alchemy where you facilitate the transformation of plants, herbs and other ingredients into a beneficial concoction of prebiotic fiber, microbes and other important nutrients.  Eating fermented foods daily can improve digestion, provide beneficial flora to your microbiome (which can reduce inflammation and boost immunity), increase nutrient absorption, provide numerous helpful enzymes as well as offer an abundance of anticarcinogenic (fights cancer) and antipathogenic (fights invasive microbes) to your diet.  All of this from cabbage, salt and a little time?  Yes!

10 pages. Contents include:

- art + science of lacto-fermentation
- a deep dive into the gut microbiome
- FAQs + answers
- Effects of fermented foods on the body
- step-by-step instructions
- recipes