hori hori multipurpose garden knife + sheath

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Why buy just a spade when you can have this powerhouse multitool? Read on.

You know I love to dig in the dirt and any tool that makes the experience more efficient gets my vote. This tool is the perfect weight and super SUPER sturdy. The spade is sharp with one-inch markings. The serrated edge is my favorite part -- it saws through dry grass, lavender stalks, and root. This buddy does a beautiful job of roughing up the soil for seed sowing. The bottle opener is very sharp and can easily cut through twine. Plus. the end is solid steel and great for pounding stakes or staples. Brilliant!

This tool is based on a traditional Japanese design called the Hori Hori. Roughly translated from Japanese, Hori Hori means Dig Dig.

The quality walnut handle and tempered steel blade mean this tool is built to last. Digging, trenching, planting, cutting, and even popping the top off your choice of a refreshing beverage, this is your new favorite garden tool.