We believe in big-hearted, honest business.
And we love giving back.

Dig donates regularly to silent auctions supporting education, arts, health, environment and animals. To inquire about a donation for a fundraiser click here.


We donate 1% of sales to the protection and preservation of the environment. The climate crisis deserves our full attention.


For the month of December: for every item sold at, we will donated a brand new piece of clothing to Soft Landing Missoula, a local non-profit that helps my western Montana town be a welcoming, supportive and informed community that can assist refugees to integrate and thrive.


For two months, we donated $15 from each Big Love hoodie sale to three organizations: The Representation Project, Boys and Girls Club and Environmental Defense Fund. Customers selected one of the three at checkout and we raised nearly $1000 for these important organizations.



In response to the migrant crisis: In lieu of a Labor Day shop sale, we donated 20% of all shop sales to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), an organization currently operating boats to rescue refugees from the Mediterranean Sea. For the love of place, for the love of our neighbors, for the love.


Our young friend has Type 1 diabetes and we helped his family raise funds for a Diabetic Alert Dog. We designed a limited edition hat for dog-lovers and $12 of every hat sold benefited the Batman & Bruce Fund.


For the month of March, we donated $3.21 of every sale to Ruby's Rainbow. 3/21 is World Down Syndrome Celebration Day - for three copies of the 21st chromosome. Ruby's Rainbow is an inspiring organization that supports the higher educational needs of individuals with Down syndrome.


We organized an event around holiday spending where,together with 11 other businesses, we raised $2100 for several organizations. GEO wrote a check to the Humane Society of Western Montana, in honor of the life of our beloved family dog - Alice - who passed away.


Dig participated in our town's local MADE Fair in December and in lieu of a coupon, we asked folks to bring a non-perishable food item to get their discount on our goods. We donated pounds and pounds of food to the Missoula Food Bank.


We created a limited edition t shirt featuring Massachusetts with a love heart on Boston and donated 100% of our profits to One Fund Boston, an organization created to help those most affected by the Marathon bombings.


We donated 20% of all sales during our local Montana Public Radio - MTPR - pledge drive week.


We donated 20% of all sales to the YWCA Missoula. Together with my daughters we also participated in a campaign advertising the YWCA's Secret Seconds Thrift Stores.