Preserving Harvest: online canning course for beginners

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I ♡ canning food.

It's easy to love the idyllic notion of serving up loved ones nutritive, garden fresh produce in the depths of winter, sharing jars of jam with neighbors, popping open sauce for the spontaneous dinner party, lounging about with pickles.

This romantic idea also contains the reality when beginning a thing in our already full lives: time needed to learn, what to buy and how to do it. Oh yeah, and the time to do it

I'm here to help.

You are purchasing a digital guidebook + video recording that goes over the process of canning applesauce from start to finish. We work with apples but you can easily replicate the process with any high-acid food after you get the basics down!

In this course you will:

* Discover that preserving food is way easier and less time-consuming than you imagine. Bonus: reduces waste and saves money.
* Move past the intimidation and into total confidence regarding the canning process, safety precautions, and all that information out there.
* Be armed with excitement and tools to begin putting up food for your kin.

*Shortly after purchase, you will receive an email containing the digital guidebook and link to the course video.


Course Includes:
  • Nici’s step-by-step applesauce canning video
  • Nici’s printable guidebook that includes the recipe, process, troubleshooting, FAQs, canning label printable and more.
  • Access to all materials forever
  • Canning label pdf (printable)
  • Add a canning kit for $35. This kit contains jar lifter, lid lifter, small canning rack and stainless steel funnel.
Why Apples?

My step-by-step instructions and video guidance are designed to teach you how to can any high acid food (you'll learn all about pH and why that matters!) So if you've got apricots or raspberries to work with, it's a snap to plug into this course.

I had to pick a food to work with in the video and I chose apples! Good apples can be found year round. You needn't have access to an apple tree to have great apples to make applesauce. Also, it's a snap to whip up a few quarts of sauce with those unattractive apples chilling on your kitchen counter. We will help you select from what you've got whether it's an orchard or Costco.

Also: learn to can apples and you can any jam, sauce, spread, butter or salsa. Yes! In fact, it is easy to substitute a different fruit if you'd like! This course is designed to empower you to can any high acid food.


What do I need to buy and how much will that cost? I send participants a detailed tool list with links to purchase. In a nutshell: you will need jars ($10), a wide mouth funnel ($4 for plastic/$9 for stainless steel), jar lifter ($5-$9), lid lifter ($3), canning rack ($8-$10) and a few pots (one for cooking, one for processing).

What kind of apples do I get? How many? You will need about 3 pounds per quart and can use whatever apples you love. With the course, I give detailed suggestions on variety and where/how to buy.

How much time do I need to set aside for the course? I’d allow yourself 2-3 hours for your first time. Once you get the hang of the process it’ll be much faster!

Do I need to be worried about food safety? No! Well, not more than you worry about it now. I will address your concerns about canning and food safety. We are canning a high acid food so botulism cannot exist in our jars. And I am here to help you along and answer your questions!

Due to this being a digital course, there are no refunds available after purchase.

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