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bento bag / linen
bento bag / linen
$ 15.00

bento bag / linen

Produce, baked goods, craft supplies, snacks to go, name it, this bag is your solution.

As a bread baker, I'm always looking for the perfect storage system. I like fabric best. We looked at many patterns and methods for making these traditional Japanese origami-style bags and settled on what we believe is the perfect design!

It's all made from one piece of fabric, leaving minimal - like, pretty much zero - waste. All the seams are finished beautifully and the finished piece is a sturdy, beautiful and functional. Bonus: it'll last forever.

50% linen / 50% cotton

If filling with produce at the market, tell the clerk they weigh one ounce.

The base measures 11" long and comfortably holds a boule of bread, 8 large apples, 12 muffins.