Camp Blanket / Original

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This is your new favorite blanket. Two layers of super quality flannel finished with an extra-wide, handmade binding. Perfect for tossing over kids in the car, camping, wrapping in after a jump in the creek....and it easily, non-fussily rolls up and tucks in a bag, ready to go wherever you'd like to go.

You'll love it, promise.


My criteria for making the perfect blanket:

  1. Beautiful to look at and touch. Gets better with age.
  2. Big enough to warm a grown-up or two kids; small enough for a four-year-old to navigate.
  3. Not too precious; can withstand the mud and peanut butter of our days.
  4. Machine washable.
  5. Unbulky; easily packable in a backpack, car, picnic basket.
  6. Heirloom quality; will last for generations.
How it's made

We started by sourcing the highest quality flannel fabric we could find. It is incredibly soft and sturdy. Each side is different: one with sea blue, gunmetal, and beeswax plaid; the other carries tomato, ash, and goldenrod plaid. Finished with a thick flannel tape in a creamy laurel herringbone. The front and back flannels are stitched together (quilted but without the batting), creating a lovely drape, weight, and feel. 

Important details
  • 47 x 65” 
  • 100% made in USA
  • Machine wash cold, line dry