Camp Cocktails

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We were gifted the book from my cousin and we loved it so much that we decided to carry it in the shop! Packed with beautiful photos and inspired recipes, it's lovely to flip through.
Just because you're on the trail, at the lake, or at the campsite doesn't mean you can't kick back after a long day of engaging with nature and enjoy a cocktail. Take an armchair winter adventure with this nicely photographed hardcover book, or start prepping and mixing to get ready for your next sojourn into the wilds.
Enjoy a spiked hot cider in front of the campfire, cool off with an orange crush made with icy stream water, pack a cocktail for the trail designed to fit in your flask, or mix up a beer cocktail to enjoy on the boat.
These recipes are simple, the logistics of prepping and packing are well-considered, and there's even advice for incorporating foraged or found ingredients so you don't have to pack it all in. Just don't forget to pack it all out when you're done!
Includes over 100 color photos
192 pages / hardcover