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Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners
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Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners

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Do you want to try camping for the first time? (you are definitely hardcore enough)

Do you feel overwhelmed by the list of camping gear you think you need? (you don’t need much)

Would you feel confident going on an overnight or weekend trip with your family? (you really can do it)

Are you nervous about your “basic camping skills”? (it’s a snap with a little help)

Would you enjoy a community of beginner campers to share the excitement of your first adventures? (it helps and that’s why I’ve included an online community with my guide)

I am here for you! I love camping so much and want to help you get out into the woods with your kin and sleep under the stars. 

I am armed with all your camping questions and ready to answer them in Let's Go Camping: A Guide for Beginners! I want to make camping accessible, fun, and meaningful for anyone who wants to give it a whirl. Join me!

So many of us are looking for simple ways to connect more with ourselves, our loved ones and nature. Getting out, unplugging and setting up a cozy home outside is filled with imagination, adventure, laughter, problem-solving, creativity, peace, gratitude and togetherness. Of course there are mosquito bites, sibling squabbles, and rain in the mix too—but you’d be amazed by how much those things fade into the background (and even contribute positively to your story) when you slip into a sunset-lit lake with your kids and then successfully build a campfire before tucking into the tent for storytelling.

In addition to providing the info you need for your first camping trips, I’m also providing a space online to share your photos, reflections and questions. I’m so excited to see your camping adventures come alive!

The guide includes info on gear and basic camping skills. And it’s filled with tips, activities, games, recipes and more. It’s organized into three sections:

Section 1: Plan, Prep and Pack

  • putting together a simple, comprehensive Camp Kit and make getting out the door a snap
  • packing the car
  • essential gear tips -- what you need and what you don't. How to choose.
  • my family's go-to camp food recipes
  • choosing a campsite that checks the items off your must-have list

Section 2: Day Time

  • setting up a homey, awesome camp
  • responsibility, advocacy and stewardship our public lands
  • creative activities and games to do with kids
  • tips on meal making, clean up, camp chores
  • navigating fear and nerves regarding animals, bugs, safety and more

Section 3: Night Time

  • making the sleep situation work best for you and your family
  • building a kickass campfire
  • closing down camp for the night


  • access to a private online community where you can share your stories, questions and answers
  • regularly posted challenges, prompts, recipes and ideas from Nici
  • hopefully this will eventually be a treasure trove of inspiration and connection as we learn to camp together