Green Clean Bundle

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Get groovy with sustainable, beautiful, functional kitchen cleaning products! These are all our favorites. All tools are handmade in Europe. Dish soap handmade in Montana, USA. Packed up all cute in an eco-friendly package.

* DISH BRUSH. Made to last, with oiled beechwood and tampico fiber. The smart curved handle is incredibly comfortable to hold.

* NAIL BRUSH. Made from oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this firm nail brush is hands-down the best nail brush my garden-dirty nails have ever encountered (as evidenced by my clean nails in the photo!).

* VEGETABLE BRUSH. Made from long-lasting oiled beechwood and tampico fiber, this vegetable brush is perfect for scrubbing your garden-fresh eats.

COPPER CLOTHS (SET OF 2). Made with fine copper threads and cotton thread, this copper cloth gently and thoroughly removes persistent gunk without scratching.

* COPPER SCRUBBERS (SET OF 2). Made entirely of knitted copper threads, this buddy will get tough on pot crud.

CELLULOSE DISHCLOTH. Super absorbent, high efficient, quick-drying. Last a long time and then biodegrade. Buh bye funky sponge. Sayonara paper towels.

* SAGE CITRONELLA SOLID DISH SOAP PUCK Made in Missoula, Montana using only the best ingredients: organic coconut oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, water, citric acid, juice of lemon or lime, basil oil, lemon oil.