Fermentation Workshop / October 27, 2024

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October 27 / 9-10:30am
DIG+CO. / 2203 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, Mont

Join us for an educational and nourishing adventure in fermentation. Together, we will learn about the science and nutrition of the ancient practice of fermentation. Using local vegetables and health-boosting ingredients, Jill Demers will lead students through the process step-by-step and send them home with their very own fermented goodness and the confidence to replicate the process. 
Fermentation is simple, kitchen alchemy where you facilitate the transformation of plants, herbs and other ingredients into a beneficial concoction of prebiotic fiber, microbes and other important nutrients.  Eating fermented foods daily can improve digestion, provide beneficial flora to your microbiome (which can reduce inflammation and boost immunity), increase nutrient absorption, provide numerous helpful enzymes as well as offer an abundance of anticarcinogenic (fights cancer) and antipathogenic (fights invasive microbes) to your diet.  All of this from cabbage, salt and a little time?  Yes!  Sounds simple for all the benefits, eh?
All supplies provided.
Students receive:
  • Live instruction with Functional Nutritionist Jill Demers
  • Quart of fermented vegetables
  • Nourishing Traditions book (optional)
  • Digital reference guide - 10 pages FULL of information and recipes

About the teacher:

Hi!  I’m Jill. I moved on from a successful career to study Nutrition Therapy after my middle son was diagnosed with autism. He lost his clinical diagnoses 3 years after I was introduced to the ways in which a nutrient dense, whole foods diet paired with simple, lifestyle habits can dramatically transform health. Today, I am a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Regenerative Farmer.  I use my background as an Adjunct Professor to teach folks how to use food and lifestyle to take control of their own health. We have so much agency over our wellness.  I want to help you take your health into your own hands.  One of my superpowers includes influencing microbes, ecology, and the human microbiome to yield positive health outcomes. My favorite ways to cultivate health happen in the kitchen and on the farm.

When not studying nutrition, you can find me experimenting with new recipes for my cookbook, working on my farm, training for an ultra-race or planning my next adventure with my husband and 3 boys.