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Preserving Harvest: A Canning Workshop
Preserving Harvest: A Canning Workshop
Preserving Harvest: A Canning Workshop
Preserving Harvest: A Canning Workshop
$ 55.00

Preserving Harvest: A Canning Workshop


Saturday, October 7, 2017 / 9am-12noon

Join me in the mountains of Montana for a morning of putting up food! In this hands-on, three-hour workshop you will learn the ins and outs of preserving high and low acid food using a boiling water bath in your home kitchen.

We will gather in a rustic farm kitchen where I will share my simple, safe and predictable techniques for making tomato sauce and applesauce. You will learn, help and leave with a goody bag of canning supplies and a jar of each sauce.

Canning food can feel hard at first. There is so much to keep track of, science to learn, methods to perfect...and what if I make my family sick? The truth is, canning food is incredibly satisfying and easy. It's true! Once you get the basics down, you will be able to save tons of money while preserving food at the height of taste and nutrient value. You will bask in the glory of a shelf full of delicious food that will feed your family all year well after the seasons change.

The Preserving Harvest Workshop will be held at the McVey Homestead in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana. A working farm owned and operated by the fabulous Cindy Jimmerson, the homestead kitchen is cozy with a sweeping view of the Rocky Mountains.

All supplies included. 


It will be a full three hours in the kitchen. Delicious snacks and beverages provided as well! 


  • One jar each of tomato sauce and apple sauce.
  • Four high-quality canning essentials: wire rack, jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter and stainless steel wide-mouth funnel. Other than jars, a stock pot and a ladle, this is all you need to can!*
  • Sweet recycled cotton tote bag in which to carry your new supplies.*

* A special deal just for you (25% off retail prices). If you already have supplies, you may opt for only the class. Everyone gets jars of saucey goodness!



Nici owns and operates DIG + CO. as well as authors an award-winning blog - www.digthischick.net - where she chronicles adventures with her family. She is lifelong student in growing and preserving food.


Cindy is enjoying retirement from healthcare as a farmer, lamb doula and born-again baker.