silk + pendelton sleep mask

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This very sleep mask was gifted to me and the first time I used it I realized that sleep masked are def not created equal! Everything -- the construction, the materials, the fit -- is just excellent.
I use mine at home, and take it with me camping.
Because sleep masks trick your brain into believing it’s time for sleep, they’re a low-risk, non-chemical alternative to more conventional sleep aids, but you may find they’re just as effective. Like a hug for your head.
This lightweight and cozy mask is made from genuine Pendleton®️ wool and silk lined for ultimate softness and quality.
The smooth and soft texture of silk is beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions. A natural fiber that does not clog pores– making it healthy for the skin in general, and it’s backed by a layer of natural cotton batting for ultimate softness. 
*Perfect for blocking out unwanted light.
*Adjustable head strap
*Breathable yet insulating fabric, great for all seasons
*Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.
100% made in Washington, USA