The Heart of Sourdough Bread Baking / Digital Live Workshop / February 2, 2024

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It's back! Our best-selling, rave-reviewed workshop. This is a LIVE class (not at all prerecorded or one-size-fits all). It is tailored to your needs and all unfolds in real time. We learn together.

Can't make it? We got you. A professionally edited and time-stamped class recording will be available to all students.

February 2, 9am-3pm

This zoom workshop will be led by myself (Nici Holt Cline) and my dear friend and expert bread baker, Kara Daume. We will focus on science, art, flexibility, skill, the variables, and the method. You will learn, help, and leave armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to incorporate this beautiful and satisfying ritual into your life. 

It's live and we bake bread together, answering your questions along the way.

Together let's embrace an ancient ritual that is a staple in every culture, for thousands of years.

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Purchase Digital guidebook only



A virtual bread-making party, via zoom (with a bit of advance prep -- we will walk you through making a starter or help you find one).

The guidebook outlines how to make your starter, and we are here to help. You will begin the live class with a healthy starter and ready to rock n roll!

The workshop is from 9am-3pm, with lots of breaks! You choose how much you'd like to interact with the live instruction. You will also receive a recording of the workshop.


9-10a: zoom call in the morning as we learn all about sourdough and begin building our bread dough.

10a-1:30p (45 minutes of instruction, with hourly check ins as you get to know your dough) We walk you through every step of nurturing, turning, and forming your dough, with lots of time for live Q&A and sharing of the science and heart of sourdough. There might even be a dance party.

3p bake and enjoy our bread together!


Comprehensive instruction by Kara and Nici. Feel free to tune in and out as you wish as it will all be saved and sent to you. Kids, dogs, real-life mess/madness, whatever you’ve got going on is 100% perfect and welcome.

Downloadable digital guidebook full of everything you need like step-by-step instructions, bread-making schedule, tool list, activities for kids, sourdough dictionary, FAQ, and recipes.

Live Q&A all day during the experience. We will literally be making bread together and we will be here to answer all your questions about sourdough and life ;). And have a dance party. And then smear butter on that warm bread we made with our hands.

Lifetime access to the recordings and materials.


We have bread-making supplies for sale at DIG+CO.

  1. White flour
  2. Whole wheat flour
  3. Salt
  4. Digital kitchen scale
  5. Large bowl
  6. Cast iron dutch oven (a lidded vessel that is oven safe at 500ºF)
  7. Two medium-sized colanders or bowls
  8. Two dish towels
Handy, but not essential:
  1. Bread proofing baskets (instead of the colander/bowl)
  2. Bowl scraper (helps to get dough out of bowl / can use hands or large spatula)
  3. Bench scraper (for cutting your dough in half. a sharp knife will do) Proofing baskets with liners (ideal, instead of a colander or bowl)
  4. Lame (for scoring your formed boules. A razor or scissors work)

Kara Daume wears many hats--mother, accounting manager, board member, consultant, and lover of being in the mountains. She is at her best when she is working with her hands, in the dirt or in the kitchen. She has many years of baking experience, both professionally and personally, that has fueled a passion for the process of making a bread that nourishes. 

Nici Holt Cline is founder of DIG + CO. and authors an award-winning blog - - where she chronicles adventures with her family. She appreciates growing and making food, learning new things, live music, camping under the stars, jumping in rivers, and the magic of sourdough.