Chocolate Love Tea

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Chocolate Love makes for a rare experience: chocolate without the sugar, and also without the bitterness. Without those intense front-flavors, and with some honeybush to fill out the body, this tea tastes remarkably smooth, a little floral, and a little nutty. You might experience chocolate as a fruit, rather than a flavor. But of course, if all you can think is “hot chocolate”, then by all means, doctor it up with some cream and sweetener! Honeybush is a naturally caffeine-free botanical, endemic to South Africa. Its earthy and sweet flavor profile covers a wide swath of high and low notes, making an exquisitely full-flavored herbal tea. All ingredients in this blend, including the cacao nibs and husks, benefit from a longer steep. At 7 minutes this tea tastes smooth and thoughtful, but if you’re craving a strong chocolate fix, brew Chocolate Love as long as you like.

50 grams

A made in Montana tea.