beeswax taper candles

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Have you ever thought beeswax candles were just so expensive? I used to. Until I bought one and it lasted like 12 times longer than any candle I'd ever burned. And smelled of honeyed heaven. And doesn't smoke or drip. I promise: you'll love them more than you thought you could love a candle.
Every beeswax candle is hand-dipped over 20 times by a dedicated craftsperson in Sturbridge, MA. Burn time per candle: 6 hours.
Choose to purchase a pair of 2 or a box of 12. 


  • 8” taper candles
  • 7/8” diameter
  • Pure USA beeswax, 100% cotton wick
  • Burn time: 6 hours (per candle)
  • 6-pair box personalized with the candlemaker's name