Bread Baker Bundle

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This gift bundle includes carefully selected bread baking tools that will help you bake up beautiful loaves.

* SOLAR-POWERED DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE. After teaching three sourdough workshops and troubleshooting measurement woes, we decided this is just a must-have for the bread baker. The scale shown in the photo is not the scale you will receive! We have upgraded to a solar-powered buddy. No more batteries! yay.

LAME (+ 10 replacement blades). Perfect for creating ventilation slits in bread. These cuts facilitate rising during the baking process.

* BENCH KNIFE. Handmade from cherry wood. Used to divide and move dough. Also a dream for cleaning up a baker's work surface.

* PROOFING BASKETS. Set of two. Natural rattan spirals a round proofing basket that gives your bread dough an optimal rise, fantastic texture, and perfect shape.

* REUSABLE BREAD STORAGE BAG. Made from waxed cotton, ideal for keeping your boules.