Flat Sauté Set

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We love our Earlywood kitchen tools! Everyone does. In fact, our sweet collection of heirloom wooden utensils is one of the most frequently asked about items in our home. Add one of our handmade dish linens and you've just won THE prize for the world's best gift ever.

Hands down, the flat sauté is our go-to tool. We usually use at least two for every meal. The shape allows the tool to slide down the side of a pot, making it absolutely perfect for stirring a pot of soup, mac n' cheese, younameit. Also great to serve up just about anything.

Fellow bread bakers: this the best for getting loaves outta hot pans *and* propping them up to cool.

Fellow canners: this is your absolute favorite tool ever! Imagine a big pot of tomatoes or apples or jam with the large sauté by your side. Yesssss.


100% made in Montana, USA