Copper Cleaning Cloths

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Hands down our very favorite cleaning tool. Pair this buddy with Bon Ami and nothing can stop you from cleaning up all that funk.

Made with fine copper threads, this copper cloth gently and thoroughly removes persistent gunk without scratching! It's magic.

It's durable (2-ply) and scrubs away caked-on egg, dried chili, crusty oatmeal, younameit. And, it is safe to use on all surfaces. I put it to the test for a month before listing here, just to be sure. I sincerely love these cloths!

It is ideal for steel, glass, ceramic, porcelain, enamel, and cast iron. You can also put it to work removing layers of rust from bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. 

Do not use on non-stick cooking pans.

Pack of 2 cloths.

Made in The Netherlands.