Spoon Butter
Spoon Butter
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Spoon Butter



All working wood needs to be refinished. This food-safe and all-natural blend of mineral oil and locally sourced beeswax is your answer.

Because it is made with mineral oil it is entirely food-safe and naturally locks in color. The blend of oil and wax keeps moisture in and creates an inert barrier that keeps bacteria out. Unlike oil based finishes that are not food-safe, mineral oil never cures or hardens and this means that refinishing is necessary. And unlike food-based oil finishes, it will not turn rancid. That’s no fun for anywood.

A little goes a long way. Simply apply with a lint-free cloth or with hands. Let sit for five minutes and buff away excess with clean cloth. Make it a monthly ritual to protect and enhance the beauty of all wood.

4 fl. oz

Ingredients: Mineral oil, beeswax, sage essential oil

Handmade in Missoula, MT