Paw Protector

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Paw Protector is a must-have for our furry friends in the winter months here in the snowy landscape. This balm is designed specifically for dogs and cats to protect their delicate paws from the buildup of snow between toes and preventing cuts on pads caused by salt and ice. And, our dogs are here to tell you: it WORKS. We put it on before heading out and it serves as a nourishing, protective layer. 

Paw Protector is made with organic FairTrade ingredients that are safe for pets. Packaged in a 2oz 100% compostable paperboard push-up tube. No mess, no waste – it’s that simple!

*For indoor use massaging into paws after application is recommended to ensure that any excess balm does not settle on furniture.

Ingredients: beeswax, certified organic and FairTrade shea nut butter, certified organic coconut and sunflower oils.

Made in Maine, USA

2 ounces