Pimple Mud

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We've been a long time fan of Fat and the Moon goods and I snagged some of this stuff for my oldest daughter. When we finally got it and smelled it, we knew we had to add this to the shop. We tried it, loved it, and ordered a whole bunch. You'll love it too, promise. 

I can't describe it much better than the the maker, Fat and the Moon:

"No need to attack our face with harsh chemicals which usually ends up making things worse for our skin and our environment! Better to hone in on the breakout and use the drawing properties that occur naturally in bentonite clay. The pulling effect of the drying clay helps get circulation moving in the face, and with blood comes clean-up cells! Improving circulation in the face improves your skin condition overall. Witch hazel extract and Tea Tree get deep into those pores and Goldenseal used topically works wonders clearing bacteria looking to camp out, making Fat and the Moon's Pimple Mud great to apply to splinters, too!"

Size: 2 oz.